Classes and Workshops

All students paint the same painting. Don teaches his class in a very easy-to-understand, step-by-step method. Students are shown how to paint a step and the students then paint that step while Don oversees their progress. Plenty of individual attention helps the student progress very quickly. Even though you never painted before, in your very first class, you complete a ready-to-frame painting that you are proud to take home.



Your family can enjoy the experience of doing an oil painting while in the comfort of your own home. As always, No Experience? No Talent? No Matter!!!

Don will come to your home and do a class for your family.  Each member will complete a painting and all will have smiles on their faces at the end of the class. What a wonderful gift to give to yourself and your family. Don will provide all supplies with the exception of a 16” x 20”.  Please contact Don via email or phone to discuss the details. Cost will be determined by number of students and location of the home.



Adult Beginners Class: These classes are a five hour class in which you will learn all of the techniques required to leave the class with a painting that you have completed. Please see Calendar for dates and times.

Children's Beginners Class: These classes are for children in 3rd grade through 8th grade. The student will have the opportunity to complete a painting in the 2½ hour class. Parents are invited to observe the class. The class will be restricted to 6 students. Please see Calendar for dates and times.

Adult Beginners Workshop: Don offers 5 hour workshops that are completed in two 2½ sessions. In the first session of each work shop you will begin your painting, learning the technique for that portion of the painting. During each of the following sessions you will complete selected portions of your painting while learning the techniques for that portion. At the end of the final session, you will have completed the entire painting and you will have learned all of the techniques required for that painting. This format applies to all Workshop. Please see Calendar for dates and times.

Intermediate Workshop: This 5 hour workshop is for folks who have had experience in the Wet-on-Wet technique. It will consist of two 2½ hour sessions. You will spend the whole first session being taught and practicing the techniques required to complete your painting. In the second session you will actually paint and complete your painting. Please see Calendar for dates and times.


Provided Supplies:

Easel, Oil Paint, Brushes, and thinner will all be supplied

Supplies you must bring:

1 - 16” x 20” double primed canvas.  (The canvas may be purchased   at the A. C. Moore store).

1 - Roll of paper towels

1 - plastic bag

1 - pack of baby wipes

a box to carry home your wet painting

Please wear clothing that you don't mind getting some paint on!


Whether you choose one of the Workshops or one of the Classes, you will have some laughs, you will learn much about the Wet-on Wet technique and you will complete a painting that will make you smile. It is that smile that is at the core of why I want so much to see you in one of my classes, and why I enjoy being an art instructor.

We start on time, so please arrive 15 minutes early.


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